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  • Main distribution board


    Main distribution board

    1. Purpose and main functions

    It is suitable for three-phase AC400V / 50Hz or ac450v / 60Hz, single power 20kw to 600kW and voltage below 1000V. It is used to control, monitor and protect the generator and conduct effective power distribution. The manufacturing of the distribution board is in accordance with the general technical conditions for marine AC low voltage distribution boards (GB 1634) and the structure and basic dimensions of marine AC low voltage distribution boards (gb11803), and meet the requirements of various classification societies.

    2. Model meaning

    3. The main distribution board is divided into ordinary type, semi-automatic type and fully automatic power station type

    3.1 general function:
    The general generator has normal protection / alarm (short circuit, overload, reverse power, step-by-step unloading, etc.), which can be used for manual closing / opening, voltage / speed regulation, manual and semi-automatic parallel operation and disconnection of generator, and it is convenient to manually detect the voltage / current / frequency / power and other parameters of the generator. It can realize the basic functions of marine power station.
    3.2 semi automatic function:
    In addition to the function of ordinary distribution board, it can also realize manual / automatic frequency regulation and load regulation of power station, which can effectively ensure that the power grid frequency of the power station is the rated frequency, improve the quality of power supply, balance the load distribution among the power station units, improve the economy of the power station operation, and greatly reduce the operation intensity of the personnel on duty.
    3.3 full automatic power station function:
    3.3.1 in case of power failure of power grid, diesel generator can be started automatically and power supply can be automatically switched on within 30 seconds.
    3.3.2 when the diesel generator supplies power, if the grid load exceeds 85% (adjustable) of the single unit capacity, the standby diesel generator set will be automatically started, and the automatic parallel operation and automatic liability distribution will be carried out.
    3.3.3 when the power grid load exceeds 95% of the total capacity of the power station, the non important load will be automatically unloaded after 1 minute (time adjustable) delay.
    3.3.4 if the load of the power grid is less than 40% of the capacity of the power station (adjustable), the units connected in parallel will automatically transfer the load and disconnect from the power grid.
    3.3.5 overload inquiry function. Heavy load inquiry is required before heavy load start-up, which is calculated by the automatic power station. If the capacity of the power station is allowed to start, the start command will be issued; if the capacity of the power station is too small and the operation is single machine, the standby diesel generator set will be started automatically. The heavy load can be started only after the automatic power station sends the start command, so as to ensure that the main power grid will not cause overload and other faults due to sudden starting of high-power load.
    3.3.6 automatic power station has self check function.
    3.3.7 the automatic power station has the extended alarm function specified in auto-0.
    3.3.8 sequence starting of important loads.